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Studio Pathways provides an inquiry-based approach to culturally responsive teaching and learning. Our work addresses the root of social inequities and how they manifest through our education, work, and organizing systems, while attending to the critical need for reflection and healing. Through a variety of arts-integrated transformative learning experiences, our clients and partners deepen and expand their understanding of historical and contemporary systems, relationships, and norms that perpetuate patterns of inequity so that they may be dismantled.

Studio Pathways  for Inquiry, Reconciliation, Art, Liberation, and Love (SPIRAL)


The S.P.I.R.A.L. process combines powerful arts-integrated, culturally responsive frameworks with tools and strategies that support inquiry, embodied learning, and community building to support lasting change.

  1. Studio Pathways: Entry points through the arts that support learning across content. For example, a learner might better understand how to approach a complex idea through the practice of contemporary arts and artists. 
  2. Inquiry: Purpose-based powerful intention development through creative inquiry, investigating questions, curiosities and topics of study as individuals and in community through relationships of recognition and mutual responsibility to children and our future.
  3. Reconciliation: Knowledge of shared origins, histories, and structural inequities through the lenses of culture, time and place and through dialogue with contemporaries, scholars & ancestral lineages.
  4. Art: Methodologies & techniques used by artists and assessed through studio habits of being, reclaiming and revising narratives, co-creating for inclusion and integration, developing imagination for the empathetic and intuitive “inner artist” to emerge.
  5. Love & Liberation: Engage in Social Gestures and Civic Actions based upon LOVE for self, community, society and world.


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