Living Through the Art

artsed creativity divinity integratedteaching loveledlearning marvin k white transformativeteaching Oct 11, 2021

Recently, Mariah began a series called #TenMinuteTalks on Instagram.  "I adore the people in my life.  They are artists, teachers, thinkers, believers, creators, innovators, doers, and they inspire me." Mariah says.  Though most are folks she would call kin, some are people she's long admired and observed.  The line up began in late September with pastor and poet, Marvin K. White.  "I wanted to open with Marvin because he connects his study of divinity with the role of the artist. And that is something that I agree with.  I believe that art is connected to a vast way of understanding the existential and that we can all benefit when we can see the world artistically." 

View this quick but captivating talk with Marvin.  We hope it brings some inspiration or connects with you in a powerful way.