Designing Creative Classroom Rituals

Jan 04, 2023

A new year always invites a time to create or evolve classroom rituals.  Rituals are key to building a culture of belonging, respect, care, love and joy. 

There are several ways that teachers can create classroom rituals that are creative and responsive to diverse sets of learners:

  • Involve students in the creation process: Involving students in the creation of classroom rituals can help to ensure that they are responsive to their needs and interests. This can involve asking for input on what rituals would be meaningful and engaging for them, or allowing them to help design and lead certain rituals.
  • Be flexible and open to change: Classroom rituals should be flexible and open to change, as students' needs and interests may evolve over time. It's important to be willing to modify or adapt rituals as needed in order to better meet the needs of all students.
  • Be inclusive: Classroom rituals should be inclusive and welcoming to all students, regardless of their background or identity. This can involve creating rituals that are culturally responsive and respectful of different cultural practices and traditions.
  • Offer choice: Allowing students to choose which rituals they participate in can help to ensure that they feel invested in and engaged with the process. This can involve offering a variety of options for students to choose from, or allowing them to create their own rituals.
  • Use a variety of techniques: Classroom rituals can involve a range of techniques, such as storytelling, music, movement, art, and more. Using a variety of techniques can help to keep rituals engaging and meaningful for all students.

Overall, the key to creating classroom rituals that are creative and responsive to diverse sets of learners is to involve students in the process, be flexible and open to change, be inclusive, offer choice, and use a variety of techniques. Expect lots of joy and lots of pride when you co-create or evolve your current rituals.  They are positively what make us brighter humans!