Creative Process for Social Change

The Art of Making of a More Humanitarian and Just World




Creative Process for Social Change

The art of transformative teaching and learning

Mariah Rankine Landers and Jessa Brie Moreno, known nationally as the founders of Studio Pathways, pose the not-so-outrageous idea that for institutional cultures to evolve, we must shift course towards evoking creative processes to create the social changes we desire.

Connecting the role of culture to our organizational equity goals is central to developing high-level transformative institutional change. This team has figured out how to do just that. Studio Pathways applies principles of cognitive science and learning in artful ways to develop lasting mindset and practice shifts we are looking to achieve.

Studio Pathways consults, trains, develops programming, and co-designs curriculum and theories of change for the education, philanthropy, and non-profit organizational sectors. We coach leadership, boards, faculty and staff to reach their intended impacts and to arrive at a place of integrity and well-being. Studio Pathways’ methodology does not just move the needle, but co-creates visionary spaces for action.

1st Edition

Do Your Lessons Love Your Students? Creative Education for Social Change

Strengthen culturally and contextually responsive teaching by designing curricula that leads to equitable, humanized outcomes. In this powerful new book, Jessa Brie Moreno and Mariah Rankine-Landers reveal how artistic research and creative inquiry across subject areas and grades can help you access your learners’ collective wisdom and potential. Moreno and Rankine-Landers describe the SPIRAL framework for centering culturally responsive teaching and learning through the arts, showing how and why these iterative processes lead to liberatory outcomes. Preorder your copy today! 

"Do Your Lessons Love Your Students shows what it means to let the arts lead us to unexpected healing places - the place learners deserve to explore."
-Susie Wise, Author of Design for Belonging: How to Build Inclusion and Collaboration in Your Communities.


Amy Robinson

Program Manager, Solano County Office of Education

"A professional learning experience like none other...I have had teachers reach out to me and say that they have completely shifted their focus for the current year and the upcoming school year to focus on a more Equity centered approach."


Heather Heslup

 Program & Implementation Manager, Turnaround Arts CA 

"Studio Pathways has been a partner of turnaround Arts California over the last few years. Mariah and Jessa have poured their decades of teaching expertise into establishing a truly transformative culturally responsive teaching and learning framework for educators, resulting in greater impacts for students of color. The Studio Pathways model fosters deep exploration of self and empathy for others.  It has certainly expanded my professional equity and inclusion lens and helped me to collaborate better with my colleagues to ground the work we do at Turnaround Arts CA in cultural responsiveness."


Diane Friedlaender

Associate Director of Learning Pedagogy and Research, Stanford University

"Mariah and Jessa of Studio Pathways truly embody, in their every action, in the way they approach their work, what it means to use love as a transformative vehicle to address social justice and healing in our communities. It’s been an honor to work with them and learn from them through my work as director of leadership and social change program at Stanford University."


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