"Do Your Lessons Love Your Students? Creative Education for Social Change."

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This exclusive series is meticulously crafted for classroom teachers, teaching artists, school counselors, instructional coaches, and educators everywhere, offering a deep dive into the essence of equity in education through the lens of Culturally Responsive Teaching (CRT).

Leveraging the power of the arts to unpack complex concepts and practices, our series serves as a beacon for educators aspiring to employ creativity as a catalyst for transformative teaching methodologies. Whether you're beginning your journey in culturally responsive pedagogy or you're an established educator looking to refine your expertise, this series is tailored to elevate your instructional prowess at every level. ❤️

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Is This the Right Course for Me?

This course is crafted with educators in mind, embracing anyone who identifies themselves as part of the educational sphere. However, it is specially structured to cater to the needs and challenges of K-12 teachers and school leaders. Whether you're a classroom veteran or new to the educational community, our course is designed to enhance your pedagogical approach, making it a perfect fit for those committed to making a difference through education.

How Long Does Each Session Take?

Each video in our series is a concise 30 minutes of filmed content, enriched with moments for you to pause for creative processes and reflections. These breaks are integral to the learning experience, allowing you to absorb, ponder, and apply the concepts discussed. This format ensures a balanced pace, providing depth without overwhelming, making each session both enriching and manageable.

What Can I Do With My 45-Minute Consultancy?

To maximize the value of your 45-minute consultancy, we recommend scheduling your session after completing the course. This timing allows us to provide targeted coaching and insights tailored to your specific needs and the unique context of your educational environment. Whether you're grappling with particular challenges, seeking advice on implementing new strategies, or simply wish to discuss your reflections and learnings, this consultancy is your opportunity to dive deeper and elevate your teaching practice.

Will I Gain Immediate Strategies That I Can Apply in My Teaching?

Yes, you will gain immediate strategies to implement in your teaching. However, the true essence of our course goes beyond mere tactics. You will be equipped with a comprehensive approach to creative practices, enabling a more nuanced understanding and growth around social topics and their application in your teaching or school environment. This course also provides resources to support learners from diverse cultural contexts, ensuring you're well-prepared to meet the varied needs of your students. It's about shaping a holistic educational perspective that enriches both you and your learners.

What teachers and leaders have to say: 

"This is better than any professional development I've ever done.  I actually look forward to our time with you!" High School ELA Teacher

"The session on belonging as a healing step beyond inclusion was a brilliant interactive session!!"  -Design Educator

“Our school instructional leaders introduced us to Studio Pathways to have all our teachers learn to incorporate the arts without having to be art teachers. Studio Pathways’ focus on decolonialism, anti-racism, and inclusion was very important for us." Dr. Jose Morales, LAUSD Principal 

"From the moment of our opening circle through the series of workshops that Mariah and Jessa led, you could feel a real shift in our school.  We didn't know each other on the first day of school. Now we're a cohesive and loving staff.  Studio Pathways brought us a school culture that loved everyone." -High School Education Leader, San Lorenzo


Join this groundbreaking learning experience.  Become part of a community where real change is happening, worldwide.

Your pathway to building equity, attaining social justice outcomes, using the creative process, and culturally responsive teaching methods begins right now.  ❤️


Ready for More?

Benefit 1

Advance equity by increasing the cognitive capacity of learners through  contextual learning, creativity, and relationships. 

Benefit 2

Develop social-emotional learning practices through systems power analysis. 

Gain healthier connections across staff, students and families with attention on:  

Cognition—attention, creativity, analysis, problem-solving

Mindset—conscientiousness, perseverance, motivation, self-regulation

Empathy—listening, communication, teamwork, connection

Benefit 3

Develop cultural responsiveness and create life-affirming learning environments for belonging through the visual and performing arts. 

“ Jessa and Mariah have the most humble approach. What they don't highlight, but you can start to learn the more you get to talk with them, is their extensive extensive wealth of knowledge, practice, and research with some of the most respected educational institutions and organizations of higher education... yet they are centered in community and very humble in their professional approach.”

Amy Robinson
Program Manager, Solano County Office of Education

Need more time to consider? 

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