"Do Your Lessons Love Your Students?"

Culturally and Socio-Emotionally Responsive Teaching and Learning Through the Arts. 


Schoolwide Professional Learning


The Course: Six episodes and a guidebook to support ongoing learning and implementation for professional learning communities or individual practice. 

The Content: Introductions and practice with the SPIRAL Framework, introduction and practice with throughlines, creative inquiries, artistic research, reflective practices, visual and performing arts. 

The Concepts: Individual and Collective Patterns, Culture, Cognition and the Arts, Implicit Bias, Explicit Belonging, Identity-safe Curriculum, Lineage, Narrative, Power Analysis, and Embodiment. 

This professional development guides your school along a path of transformative teaching and learning, building capacities for liberatory education in and through the arts. 

CEUs Available 


Benefit 1

Advance equity by increasing the cognitive capacity of learners through  contextual learning, creativity, and relationships. 

Benefit 2

Replace discriminatory policies and practices with social-emotional learning practices and systems power analysis. 

Healthier connections across staff, students and families with attention on:  

Cognition—attention, creativity, analysis, problem-solving

Mindset—conscientiousness, perseverance, motivation, self-regulation

Empathy—listening, communication, teamwork, connection

Benefit 3

Develop cultural responsiveness and create identify-safe, affirming learning environments for belonging. 

"The impact has been eye opening and provided me with much introspection and desire to keep these concepts at the forefront of my own planning and curriculum design."

Vernon Bell
Middle School History Teacher
Teacher Union Leader

 "Wow. So much here. This is something I've "felt" for a long time, but couldn't really put words to. I feel like this is a critical step for me in my efforts to be a more effective equity leader.  I think the iterative nature of these lessons are critical if we're really going to achieve the level of learning and systems change needed to really impact outcomes."

Nick Girimonte

Assistant Superintendent of Ed. Services in Dixon Unified School District